Why World Class Premier?

Questions about World Class Premier? You’ve come to the right place! World Class Futbol is proud to officially unveil our new club, World Class Premier (WCP).

World Class Premier, based in Montgomery County, MD, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a mission to establish a professional development program where youth will learn the game of soccer and grow their passion for it, while making a positive impact in the community without regards to race, creed, color, sex, national or ethnic origin.


We do more than just teach soccer; we care about our individual players and their families.  World Class Premier has a vision to focus on player development on and off the field and to be committed to teach players how to play the game The Right Way.  Our programs are offered to children ages 6 to 19 and we are known for producing hard-working, dedicated and respectful players who are motivated to continue developing as players, citizens and difference-makers in our community.


As players growing up we were aided by others who saw our need and helped us get to the next level. We felt the call to extend the same assistance to those in the community who need a boost.  We desire for all children to have an equal opportunity to choose whatever path they want to pursue beyond soccer. This starts early by giving children the chance to be part of a team in order to develop character, work ethic and dedication. As a club, we hope to leave our stamp on every player and family that joins us in our mission by giving an opportunity to players from all backgrounds to play and develop, and by playing the game The Right Way.


Kokou Assigbe, Coaching Director at World Class Premier




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